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The training that is and has been required to obtain a drivers’ licence is woefully inadequate. Driving schools throughout the continent are and have been training drivers only to pass the driver’s test. The goal was to get your driver’s licence, not how to be the safest driver you possibly could be. It is the equivalent of a Grade 8 education and covers the minimum to pass the Provincial Drivers test. Our courses are designed to give all drivers the College level of education required to be as safe as possible on today’s stressful streets and highways.

Until now, it has been all trial and error. How to avoid a collision, how to perform emergency stops, or safe lane changes, were all about learning as it occurred right in front of you. Most often it was too little too late. New motorists were thrust onto slippery winter roads with no previous ice driving experience or training. Most experienced drivers are still unsure on how to correct a skid or prevent one.

ILR Car Control School has 22 highly trained instructors, hand-picked for their communication skills, understanding of driving, observational powers and easy-going personalities. Our instructors all have competition backgrounds giving them a unique understanding of vehicle dynamics and handling.

Our advanced driver training is capable of teaching corporate groups, car clubs, general public and even stunt drivers on how to better control their vehicles.

Chief Instructor Ian Law has written numerous articles on driving for several magazines and is currently writing articles for The Toronto Star – Wheels Section – under the title “Better Driving” as their driving expert. Combined with his twenty-plus years of auto racing (including Ice Racing), and a background in road design (City of Toronto), his experience is unparalleled in the world of driver training.

The Car Control School specializes in “ProActive” driver training which goes beyond the terms of “defensive driving” by teaching methods of controlling your vehicle and driving situation.

For more than twenty years, the Car Control School has taught thousands of drivers from age 15 to 85, to be better and safer drivers. From motorists suffering from “Post Collision Stress Syndrome” (insurance companies have referred their clients to us to regain their driving confidence after suffering a traumatic collision), to experienced drivers wanting to upgrade skills or correct bad driving habits, to new drivers, car club enthusiasts or corporate employees, we have educated drivers from all walks of life.