Ian – Well done!!   Attending the School was one of life’s highlights for me.  From your presentation style and materials to the ‘on-the-pavement’ exercises, the entire day was  an amazing learning experience.   One of the strengths of the course is that the participants are given every opportunity to throw out the old thinking and driving habits and drive away with the ‘new practices ‘ already embedded in the mind and at the wheel.  Thanks to you and your driving instructor team for pushing us to the ‘new’.  


Related imageI want to thank you and your obviously excellent staff for the terrific  experience my family had at your winter driving course. They talked about it incessantly last night and today. They noted several instances of situations from the course just driving around Haliburton already, relating to changing surfaces and defensive driving.  


My thanks to you and your team Ian!  It was a very good course especially on the ice!  I hope to send my daughter next winter.

 Craig White | Vice-President 407 ETR Express Toll Route

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